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Garage Clearance Service Norwich Norfolk.
Licensed Trade Waste Carriers.


Sycamore Cleaning Service Offer Garage Clearance Service To Domestic & Commercial Clients In Norwich.

We clear garages of general waste, scrap & recyclables materials leaving you with a clear garage to work with again.

Always Choose A Licensed Trade Waste Carrier…
Even If Its Not Us!Garage Clearance Service

We pride ourselves in Re-Cycling up to 85% of waste collected. Sending items to a landfill site is the absolute “last option” for Sycamore Cleaning Service.

Generally most items from Garage Clearances end up finding life again in a charity shop or auction. Alternatively we donate items to other charities or schools needing equipment or tools for further education and development.

As a local business we have strong morals and beliefs in supporting local charities, shelters and groups that rely on your donations and unwanted items.

We Love Re-Cycling!

Any items that are not wanted by charities or schools are then placed in to a local auction for someone else to enjoy and again find life. Items “not sold” only then are they considered for scrap. They are sorted into piles ready to be sent to the recycling center, again to find life. Not to rot in a landfill site, country lane in Norfolk or neighbourhood near you!

“Beware of Fly Tippers and ask for their Enviroment Agency “Trade Waste License” Number! They Should Have One”!

As the cost of “Landfill Tax” rockets, so does the cost to send waste to landfill sites. That is the governments way to stop our nation continuing as a “Throw-Away” society.. And rightly so! Only expense has now given way to illegal fly tipping!

Pricing – Garage Clearance Service

Unfortunately the high cost of getting rid of your garage waste means responsible Trade Waste Carriers are now charged on arrival at all Trade Waste Centers for disposing of rubbish or waste at over £75+ per 1/2 tonne. This is just about the weight of 4-6 domestic washing machines as a rough guide. Throwing away just 1 tonne of waste costs can over £150 in waste fees!

With the above being mentioned we understand clearing you garage may seem an expensive task. However, we may find items of re-sale value which can be de-deducted from the Garage Clearance Service balance. Many items we collect are re-usable and can be sold, donated to charity or simply collected FREE. We always do what we can to help and are fair.

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Registed Trade Waste Carriers Norwich Norfolk